ProTek Fiber Delivers Exceptional Structured Cabling

When a Fortune 500 Company Needed a Solution for Poor Cabling and Network Troubleshooting, ProTek Fiber Was Their Go-To Cabling Company.

The client’s cabling before (left) and after (right) ProTek Fiber’s installation. 

One of the leading fiber optic installation companies in the tri-state area, ProTek Fiber recently completed a network-cabling project for a Fortune 500 company in York, Pa. The global technology company had a mix-match of old Cat 5 and Cat 5e cabling in their office. The poor cabling was difficult to locate and troubleshoot jack locations.

The customer was deploying new servers and switches, so they wanted a new solution for handling their increased bandwidth and a more uniform installation to reduce the amount of time spent tracing and troubleshooting network connections. ProTek Fiber installed a new Cat 6 cabling infrastructure and streamlined the labeling scheme and patching to make it more end user friendly. This would also allow the customer to add jack locations in the future and continue the labeling scheme and patches with no hassles.

ProTek Fiber installed a new equipment rack, telecommunications grounding bus bar, ladder rack and cable management. They also offered the customer an ICC Lifetime Warranty for the installation and assisted them with patching their equipment using ICC patch cables. All structured cabling installed included patch cables at the rack and computers with a wiremaking label with the cable ID to assist the customer with cabling identification in the future.

“The customer was so pleased with the installation that we were selected to return this fall to re-cable their entire manufacturing plant with Cat 6 wiring,” said ProTek Fiber Owner/Project Manager and ICC Master Cabling Technician Jason Horst. “We’ll also be installing new fiber optic cabling to nine communications closets using a main and redundant path. The total project will consist of 366 new Cat 6 locations, 216 fiber optic connections, new IDF cabinet build-outs and 2,200’ of new cable tray. We will also be removing all of the abandoned wiring after the local area network has been rerouted to the new cabling infrastructure.”

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