ProTek Fiber is proud to be credentialed by the most prestigious programs in the industry including:
BICSI Bicsi is a professional association supporting the advancement of information and communication technology. BICSI’s credentialing program provides assurance to consumers that certified network cabling technicians have passed rigorous industry examinations.

  • BICSI Member
  • BICSI ITS Design
ICC ICC is dedicated to developing standards and codes to build safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures and processes. ICC’s certification program is the oldest, largest and most prestigious construction code-credentialing program in the United States.

  • ICC Certified Master Technicians
  • ICC Certified Elite Installation Company – ProTek Fiber is an ICC Certified Elite Installation Company with Master Technicians on staff. Partnering with ICC allows ProTek Fiber the ability to offer our customers a 15 year or Lifetime Warranty for new Network Cabling Installations. Call us today and ask about our warranty options.
Fiber Optic Association The Fiber Optic Association is an international, non-profit organization created to promote professionalism in fiber optic education.  The FOA recognizes the value of a knowledgable work-force  in today’s technological industries, ensuring certified technicians are qualified to produce exemplary work.

  • FOA Certified Fiber Optic Technicians
  • CFOT Technicians on staff
Voice Arrest Certified Integrator The Voice Arrest system, developed by Speech Privacy Systems, was created to provide a quiet environment for a variety of offices and workspaces, producing a comfortable, stress free zone intended to increase productivity while reducing distractions. ProTek Fiber is proud to be a certified installer of this amazing ambient noise technology.

  • Voice Arrest Certified Integrator