How Do You Know If You Need A Fiber Optic Splicing Service?

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The first question you’re most likely asking is “What in the world is a fiber optic splice and how would I know if we even need a service like that?” Here at ProTek Fiber we talk the lingo everyday, and it’s easy to forget that typical businesses may not even beware their network is utilizing fiber optic cables. We’re here to help educate you regarding what fiber optic cables actually are and why proper splicing, when needed, can save you a ton of money. Are you ready for some cool info?

 What Are Fiber Optic Cables Used For?

 We cover the benefits and uses of fiber optic cables pretty thoroughly elsewhere on the site, but here’s a quick overview:

  • Fiber Optic Cables are made up of thin strands of glass fiber encased in heavy insulation.
  • These cables are ideal for long distance runs as properly executed installations can result in nearly zero signal loss.
  • Fiber Optic Cables are highly recommended for networks requiring high-bandwidth.

When Would My Network Require Fiber Optic Splicing?

Have you recently noticed a slower connection to your network? Is inner-office file sharing and communication moving at a snail’s pace? Chances are you could have damaged area or kink in your fiber optic cabling.

ProTek Fiber is able to test your fiber optic lines in order to identify if your network is suffering from any trouble areas. Once the “bottleneck” is identified, our highly trained technicians are able to remove the damaged area and create a fiber splice to remedy the problem.

Additionally, if your business has grown requiring your network to reach other areas of your facility, fiber splicing extra optic cables to these areas from your existing network can save you serious money—all while improving your communications!

Curious as to whether you need a fiber splicing service to help speed up your company’s network? Feel free to contact us for your Free No Obligation Proposal!

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