Cabling Services Rockville MD

Cabling Services ROCKVILLE, MD

Is your traditional copper cabling network weighing your business down? It’s high time to consider an upgrade. Too many Rockville, MD businesses fail to take full advantage of modern technology because their wiring systems remain unstructured. Here at ProTek Fiber, we specialize in designing and building structured systems based on the latest fiber optics technology.

Established and long-running businesses tend to rest on old systems that work. However, traditional copper wiring networks simply cannot stand up to the hyper connectivity and lightning fast speeds of current cabling structures. A structured system will make your Rockville, MD operations more efficient, increasing productivity by streamlining different parts of your network operations. Fiber optic cabling is the best choice for future-proofing your Rockville, MD business allowing you to accommodate the current data transfer and connectivity demands of your operations, while giving you the ability to upgrade your network to a more structured system that takes advantage of the latest information and tech innovations.

Fiber optic wiring is more advantageous over traditional copper cabling in more ways than one. Fiber optic cables, for instance, are built to last and are not as prone to damage as a copper wiring network, even with little to no maintenance. This means less downtime and more productivity during your business operations. Fiber optic cables are no fire hazards, eliminating EMI as there’s no direct electric current that travels through the system’s core. Because fiber optic wiring doesn’t conduct electricity, there is also no need to worry about interference with other cables that run parallel to the network. Finally, there is very little, if any signal loss within fiber optic cable network, not to mention its capability to transmit data faster than traditional cable structures.