IP Camera Installation

Pro Tek Fiber offers IP camera installation for your business or organization. IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are normally utilized in tandem with a company’s security system. What makes IP cameras so convenient and efficient is the fact that unlike antiquated analog cameras, these modern upgrades are able to transmit data directly over your structured cabling network.


How Can Your Business Benefit From An IP Camera Installation?
  • IP Cameras Have Wireless Network Capabilities
  • IP Cameras Can Be Accessed Remotely
  • Control The Angle And Direction Of IP Cameras Is Possible Via Your Structured Network Cabling
  • Recording Devices Connected Via Your Network Can A Vast Majority Of Data, Even Offsite
ProTek Fiber’s experienced technicians are able to customize your IP camera installation to meet and exceed your specific needs.

We understand the importance of staying up to date with advancements in technology. All of our IP camera installation technicians are fully trained regarding the latest cameras, recorders, cabling and protocols. If your business is in need of an affordable security camera solution, contact us for your free, no obligation site survey!