ProTek Fiber Receives Certified Elite Installer Status

One of the leading fiber optic installation companies in the U.S., ProTek Fiber is pleased to announce the company has been recognized as a Certified Elite Installer (CEI) by ICC. The certification acknowledges ProTek Fiber as an exclusive, structured cabling installation partner of ICC. Elite Installers receive select benefits and discounts directly from ICC.

To meet the requirements of a CEI, at least one ICC-trained Master Technician must be on staff. ProTek Fiber Project Manager/Technician Jason Horst and Technician Derek Smith were trained by ICC and met all qualifications to install, test and document quality structured cabling solutions to comply with TIA/EIA performance standards and industry codes. Both Horst and Smith received 100% scores on their tests.

As a CEI, ProTek Fiber is eligible to offer a 15-year Performance Limited Warranty on any structured cabling installation supported by ICC. The entire system must use ICC products to guarantee performance and qualify the warranty. ProTek Fiber may also offer a Lifetime Performance Limited Warranty on structured cabling installations supported by ICC. The entire system must use ICC products, and a Master Technician must supervise the installation and submit to ICC for site verification. ProTek Fiber will also receive exclusive privileges, including project discounts, priority shipping and direct support from ICC sales teams, as part of the certification.

“As a Certified Elite Installer, ProTek Fiber will continue to offer our customers unparalleled, professionally installed and certified structured cabling services,” says Horst. “Every system will be installed with a guaranteed warranty and extra confidence knowing it’s backed by this exclusive program.”

To learn more, visit ProTek’s website or call Project Manager/Technician Jason Horst at 301-797-6666.

School Board Approves ProTek Fiber Security Measures

Together with Atlantic Security, ProTek Fiber bid on an itemized list of enhanced security measures for Jefferson County Board of Education, set to cost up to $250,000. The items on the list were not released in detail to the public, as the enhancements are protected critical infrastructure information. They have been described as security measures on door locks and enhanced fencing. ProTek Fiber expects the enhancements to be about a month’s worth of work.

The upgrades will feature locked entrances on every school that require visitors to gain permission to enter. Employees will have total key access. School fences and other safety measures will be implemented to prevent unwelcomed visitors from coming onto school grounds. And, additional playground security enhancements mean elementary school classes will once again have recess outside.

To learn more about the enhanced security measures, click here. To find out more about ProTek Fiber’s security services, visit the professional cable installation company’s website or call us at 301-797-6666.